Pure Mykonos Experience Package

Place your footprints alongside those of the locals

Take a moment to explore our curated selection of the highlights and special services that will grant you a privileged insight into the authentic soul of Mykonos. Follow in the footsteps of ancient culture with certified guides or learn about the land and simple pleasures from farmers who know the terrain of this island like the back of their hand. Set your internal clock to vacation mode with spa treatments and fitness programmes, indulge in a private wine tasting with our sommelier or a cooking class at the chef’s table. Gain a unique perspective by helicopter, relax into the pure luxury of a private yacht charter, explore Mykonos underwater or overland, meet our artists and artisans. This is the stuff of special memories and authentic emotions.

Day 1 – Spa Reboot

The serenity of the spa will ease you into the realization that your holiday has begun.

As an exfoliating scrub and hydrating massage prepares your body to receive the blessings of the Myconian sun and sea, your mind will relax and your senses will be primed to live out the following days to the fullest. Regardless of the distance you travelled and the jet lag you may have, you will sink into deep and restorative sleep that night.


  • One Thalassotherapy treatment per person followed by a relaxing 50 minutes massage

Day 2 – Private afternoon tour (4 hours)

One chooses holiday destinations as great escapes from everyday life, but experiencing their true nature enriches you in ways that you take home and that you leave something behind.

After a long sleep-in, a royal breakfast and a morning swim, embark on a journey in an air-conditioned luxury mini-bus in the company of a licensed tourist guide. Drive past famous and lesser known beaches, pause for great photo ops and take some of the inland tracks into parts of the island which most visitors never get to see. One of these backroads leads to a traditional farmhouse which Nikos and Giota have lovingly restored to represent the way of life of their childhood days and that of their ancestors, in order for their children to remember where they came from. This charming tribute to the way things were, serves to remind us that simplicity awakens the senses and evokes indelible memories.

However, what is it that the first visitors fell in love with, at first sight, when they set foot on Mykonos? Its whitewashed terraces tumbling into the sea of course! It may be a shopper’s paradise today, lined with world class dining and partying seductions, but there always was and still is a lot more to ‘Chora’, as it is known to the islanders. A guided tour on foot through the town will take you to all the famous locations, such as the windmills, Little Venice and Paraportiani Church among others. (ambien) You will discover how this little town changed over centuries of rich history. You will gradually become more familiar with the labyrinth of windswept streets, discovering the baker, the mosaic-maker, the taverna that serves a workers’ lunch and the painter of icons. The impressions you gather along the way will make you want to return on your own, a bit more like a ‘nisiotis’ – Greek for islander – each time.


  • Private guide
  • Private transfers
  • Visit to a traditional farming house
  • Sunset walk around Mykonos town

Day 3 – A full day at sea

You should not leave Mykonos without having at least once floated weightlessly in the crystal waters around the island or beyond, looking into the infinite blue of the Aegean sky.

Depart from the Ambassador at 11am. A private yacht charter awaits. You will spend the day at sea, have lunch on deck, laze in the sun and sip champagne at sunset. Depending on the winds, you will have two choices:

A) Tour the beaches of the south coast and dive into the beautiful waters at your leisure.
B) Head out to the little desert island of Rhenia where only a few farmers have set their animals to graze. You will not believe that there is such a peaceful and beautiful treasure, so close to the energy and vibe of Mykonos. Snorkeling in the pristine waters around Rhenia is an unforgettable experience. And you will take a further leap back in time: a jewel of the Ancient World that is more than 2100 years old awaits your discovery. As the sun begins to set over its marble ruins, you will head to the island of Delos, proclaimed a UNESCO World heritage site, a magnificent ongoing archaeological dig covered with the ruins of an ancient city. This is the original Game of Thrones. With a licensed tourist guide by your side, you will learn about the birthplace of two of the most important ancient Greek Gods, about the world trade, power and religions which once converged on this very spot, and the downfall that led to it being uninhabited for over thirteen centuries. You will return to Mykonos and to your hotel full of memories and light, with a sense of having been ‘elsewhere’.


  • Private boat tour* to Rhenia or the South Coast beaches (11am to 4.30pm)
  • Private Delos island tour (5-8pm)
  • Water, juices, refreshments and a bottle of wine / 4 persons (sauvignon blanc or rose, product of the Greek vineyard)
  • Delicacies of the Greek cuisine and a platter with fresh Mediterranean fruit salad
  • Towels
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Private guide on Delos island

*Yacht Dellapasqua DC13 HT. Other yacht options (Azimut 46 Flybridge) available upon request at an extra cost.

Day 4 – A bird’s view of Mykonos

Once you have explored the lands and seas around Mykonos, only one dimension remains to be conquered: take a helicopter tour over the amazing blue expanse of the Aegean Sea and the neighboring islands, viewing the Cyclades from a perspective to which not even the locals are privy. Fly over the brown and barren island punctuated by its white cubist buildings and out over Delos and Rhenia towards Tinos, Paros and Naxos which, although only a few nautical miles from one another, each has its own character.


  • Private transfers to and from the helipad
  • 40-minute private helicopter tour above the Cyclades islands

Optional: Mykonos island Photo Tour

Holidays are the best time to make memories, because we make the time to take in the essence of what surrounds us. Why not grant yourself the gift of capturing those moments through the lens of a professional photographer who will accompany you on a tour of the island? You can learn alongside a professional, or be the model. Have fun with this wonderful way of making magical Mykonos memories.

Optional: Greek Gastronomy Experience

Join our chef to choose fresh organic vegetables from the market, select fish fresh off the boats and enjoy a private class in Mediterranean cuisine in the afternoon, enjoy the resulting culinary collaboration with a special tasting of top Greek vintages by our sommelier.