Between here and eternity

Deos derives its name from the ancient Greek word for a sense of awe or wonder that is inspired by the sublime. Situated above Mykonos town, at eye level with the horizon, its views take in the play of light over the vast expanse of the Mediterranean that has moved humanity since ancient times. 

The truly exceptional panorama extends from the 16th Century windmills of the old harbour, across the neighbouring islands of Syros, Tinos and the sacred island of Delos. Considered among the finest archaeological vestiges of the ancient world, this UNESCO heritage site is a mere twenty minutes away by ferry. Deos seems to capture all that is magical about Mykonos, and it comes as no surprise that this very spot was the subject of the island’s first postcard. 

Here on the Epico deck, languid afternoons transition to blazing sunset spectacles before the glimmering golden profile of Chora comes alive against the midnight blue of the Aegean bathed in moonlight. Distilling this pure romance of the night, Epico’s bar and restaurant are an exceptional destination for fine dining on Mykonos, combining the splendour of the elements with an exceptional epicurean experience. 

And yet, despite feeling so far from it all, Deos is just a seven-minute walk away from the promenade that leads into the cobblestoned pedestrian streets, authentic tavernas, elegant boutiques and the waterfront bars of little Venice.

By road, this exceptional Mykonos luxury hotel is a four minute drive from the old port, and ten minutes from the Mykonos airport which welcomes guests who have flown into Athens from all over the world and connect on to Mykonos with one of the many 25-minute flights available throughout the day.