Day 3 – A full day at sea

You should not leave Mykonos without having at least once floated weightlessly in the crystal waters around the island or beyond, looking into the infinite blue of the Aegean sky.

Depart from the Ambassador at 11am. A private yacht charter awaits. You will spend the day at sea, have lunch on deck, laze in the sun and sip champagne at sunset. Depending on the winds, you will have two choices:

A) Tour the beaches of the south coast and dive into the beautiful waters at your leisure.
B) Head out to the little desert island of Rhenia where only a few farmers have set their animals to graze. You will not believe that there is such a peaceful and beautiful treasure, so close to the energy and vibe of Mykonos. Snorkeling in the pristine waters around Rhenia is an unforgettable experience. And you will take a further leap back in time: a jewel of the Ancient World that is more than 2100 years old awaits your discovery. As the sun begins to set over its marble ruins, you will head to the island of Delos, proclaimed a UNESCO World heritage site, a magnificent ongoing archaeological dig covered with the ruins of an ancient city. This is the original Game of Thrones. With a licensed tourist guide by your side, you will learn about the birthplace of two of the most important ancient Greek Gods, about the world trade, power and religions which once converged on this very spot, and the downfall that led to it being uninhabited for over thirteen centuries. You will return to Mykonos and to your hotel full of memories and light, with a sense of having been ‘elsewhere’.


  • Private boat tour* to Rhenia or the South Coast beaches (11am to 4.30pm)
  • Private Delos island tour (5-8pm)
  • Water, juices, refreshments and a bottle of wine / 4 persons (sauvignon blanc or rose, product of the Greek vineyard)
  • Delicacies of the Greek cuisine and a platter with fresh Mediterranean fruit salad
  • Towels
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Private guide on Delos island

*Yacht Dellapasqua DC13 HT. Other yacht options (Azimut 46 Flybridge) available upon request at an extra cost.