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Fitness & Wellness

Maximise a good workout while you enjoy stunning sea views. Our light-filled, airy gym room, open from 9am to 9pm, is well equipped with the latest in training and exercise systems, including a Pilates Reformer.

We offer Private Fitness Training and Pilates classes with a personal trainer, as well as Yoga. An exclusive experience can be booked on the secluded beaches of Rhenia and Delos, accessed by private boat.

Sporting activities on Platis Gialos are detailed in ‘Pool & Beach’. Please enquire with guest services at reception.


Make the most of our world-class fitness facilities, which includes a state-of-the-art Pilates Studio equipped with a reformer. Pilates programmes tailored by our expert instructors are available for beginner to advanced level. In just 55-minutes, your whole body will begin to feel more ‘centred’ and re-aligned. Each class is based on the original six Pilates principles: concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. This method helps improve flexibility and endurance; with a special focus on posture, breathing, core strength, coordination and balance.


Take advantage of your vacation time, were you feel more relaxed and connected to yourself, and invest in your personal development. Offer yourself a session of change, grow and learning that will add fulfilment, balance and happiness in your life.


If you are already a seasoned Yoga practitioner, you will know all about the restorative power of yoga that places body and mind in perfect equilibrium. Water yoga is most effective for injuries and delicate joints. We offer group sessions either indoors or outdoors.

Yoga and Pilates Sessions are designed for all levels, offering modifications for beginners and greater challenges for advanced students. To encourage beginners, we offer introductory classes for groups or private clients. One week of regular practice is all you need to transform your life. We also host dedicated Yoga Retreats with world class teachers at the Ambassador. Our yoga instructors are highly qualified.


Holistic Wellness Coaching approaches each person both individually and holistically, helping them to balance the three dimensions of body-mind-soul, as well as within the living environment.

After carefully examining the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, environmental, physical and occupational areas of your life, the coach explains how these areas can affect your health and assists you make the changes required in each one of them to find the balance, strength, resilience, health and beauty that are within you.